Friday, August 25, 2006

From the Laundry Room

I thought I better make a decision and post something about my project for this KAL - it did officially start on August 1st after all…anyway - I had recently walked the Relay for Life in memory of my dad so I decided to knit something to commemerate the death of our two dogs, Henry and Cody.

As a child my family had a St. Bernard, Heidi. I still remember being in the pen with my sister and lifting all of the puppies by their front paws, looking for girls. I have an affinity for larger animals - didn’t want to have the slobber of a St. Bernard or a Mastiff so my husband and I checked out the Bernese Mountain Dogs at the local dog show 14 years ago. The Berners are large dogs but have a dry mouth - perfect. We met some of the breeders and fell in love with the breed and put our names on a wait list of a breeder in the Rochester area.

We got Henry at 7 weeks old in May, 1993 - it was love at first site. We belonged to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Greater Twin Cities at the time and met a lot of great people (and dogs). A rescue situation came up - a lady in St. Paul wanted to get rid of her 2 year old female (her husband had died and the dog was really his…) so we adopted Cody and picked her up on Sunday, October 30, 1994. They were great pets - we did have our share of surgeries though - they are a great breed but things can happen.

We only had Cody for 5 years, she was a special little package who did not bark. She reminded me of a little old lady as she would nod her head up and down, with her tongue hanging out - when she was clearly objecting about something. She was also a very messy eater as she had a parrot or overshot mouth - but she was a sweetie and wonderful with the kids.

We had Henry for 10 years- of which the last year or so we dealt with a bone cancer that basically appeared out of nowhere. One day he was fine, the next he stumbled going down the stairs and a diagnosis was made. We made some very heroic efforts, short of amputation, and did gain a few more months of time with him. He also was very loved by all of the kids and we all had a difficult time deciding when the right time was to put him down.
Both of our dogs were very stoic and loyal. We have Henry’s ashes buried in our backyard and the kids still stand by the spot and talk to him once in a while.

For this reason I thought it would be very fitting to make something fun to display in remembrance so I am going to make a version of the “Handsome Hound” from Handknits for Kids. Mine will be a combination of her pattern and the one found in Knit1.

(We love this breed so much we decided to get another. So about 1 year later Freeway, renamed Bruno came into our home and fit right in, much to the distress of the cats…)


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What a touching tribute to your wonderful canine family members. It is so hard to loose them they really become a part of us.

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