Thursday, August 24, 2006


Hello fellow KAL participants - here is hoping that your projects or ideas about projects are going well - a few of you have posted but it would be great to hear from more of you, although I realize Dia de los Muertos is a little ways away. I noticed that Bezzie had posted on her blog her completed doll which I think looks way cool - (hope you don't mind the link Bezzie).

My progress - presenting faceless Henry the Bear:

I'm still trying to ponder how to do his face as the pattern pic looks way cuter than I think Henry could ever hope to be. I've also made a decision regarding my prior plans to make Jeanette the Rabbit and Hank the Cat - this seaming is kicking my butt and I think baby and toddler boys are going to rip Henry's seams apart till there is just a carcass of parts. I'm planning to hit my LYS to find some patterns for some felted animals but do plan to pay tribute to Grandma Jeanette and Grandma Hank - they just may morph from a cat and rabbit to some other kind of critter - maybe like the Wonder Twins?

With the help of Madre Garcia I hope to have September Day of the Dead recipe up soon - look forward to seeing what you are all up to!


Blogger Kel said...

Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE!

Sorry... I couldn't resist. My brother and I used to play the Wonder Twins all the time. :)

10:09 AM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Don't mind at all ;-) I don't know if I have posting privis on this site.

You might be surprised, I've got a few knitted toys that survived my childhood, course toddler boys? Hmmmm!!

3:08 PM  

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