Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to the Day of the Dead KAL

Inspired by the Summer 2006 issue of Knit.1, which has a section devoted to Frida Kahlo and includes patterns for three Day of the Dead dolls, we(Kristi and Amy) thought it would be fun to have a Day of the Dead KAL. First we thought everyone could do the Knit.1 dolls, but as we learned more about the holiday and did some homework-we realized the potential was greater than just the dolls (Kristi's in-law family is from Mexico and is a great resource not to mention willing to part with some traditional Mexican recipes that will be posted on the sidebar).

Day of the Dead is a truly amazing festivity, joyously celebrating the lives of loved ones who have died. The range of celebrations and events varies greatly within Mexico, but the common theme is celebration-not mourning. And food is a major factor, which readers of Amy's blog will know caught her attention right off the top. So we'd like to invite you all to join us. You don't have to be Hispanic or Catholic. Heck, you don't even have to have a blog. Here's what you do have to do: Commit to a Day of the Dead knitting project. Let your creativity fly! Get your hands on a copy of the Knit.1 patterns and make a set of dolls. Or perhaps knit a food fit for a celebration. Or knit something special in memory of someone special, to be used in your own Day of the Dead festivities (more on that later).

Day of the Dead is traditionally celebrated Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, so that's your deadline. Although the official start date for the KAL is August 1, this is not written in stone due to variable projects that may be chosen. Let us know, via comments or email, who you are and what you'd like to knit. We'll compile a list of participants that will be kept in a sidebar. This is not just for bloggers; if you want to participate but don't have a blog, let us know, and keep us posted with emails and digital photographs of your work-in-progress for us to post. Finally-here's the fun part! - don't just knit. Have your own Day of the Dead celebration. It can be small, or it can be your whole city's worth of knitters. You decide. Do some homework; we're providing links over on the right to information about Day of the Dead. But have a celebration, keeping true to the spirit, and send us pictures or links to your blog, showing your festivities! Remember--the key word is "festivity."There will be prizes-don't know what, don't know when, don't know why. But we'll keep posting info as we get it on this blog.

One note: we do not mean any disrespect in any way, shape, or form. We are doing this because the whole idea of celebrating people's lives seems like a particularly wonderful way to remember someone. Sure, some of the knitting may be silly-that's OK. If you're a silly person, that's how you'll be remembered yourself. Let your silliness and creativity reign! But if this offends you, you probably don't quite understand the spirit in which it's being created, and it's not the right KAL for you. Everyone else? C'mon along!

*****Back issues of Summer 2006 Knit.1 can be ordered by calling Jane Dutko at 877-860-6164. ************


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Hey! I'd love to join up and will be sending an email shortly! My isp's server is down right now :(

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how do I join?

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