Thursday, November 02, 2006

El Fin

los calavera
Six repeats done - and is my wrist sore.(The picture is the original swatch created by the designer: it is not my work)I was concerned after the first two repeats that the shawl/scarf would be on the short side, but when I see it now ... I guess lace expands as you make it. Unblocked it's approximately 57".

One of my instructors commented a few days ago that it reminded her of papel picado (the cut paper often displayed on Dia de los Muertos of skeletons having a good time). I am working on getting a picture of the completed shawl/scarf. I made it using STR in the colourways of Sand and Ruby Slippers.

Thank you so much Amy and Kristi for hosting this KAL. Now I can read lace charts (kind of ;)***CV


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